Safety Message To Our Openreach Members – Updated 7th July 2020

7th July 2020 – Openreach Ltd. Covid 19 Safe Working Since the outbreak of Covid 19 the CWU has continued to do all it can, both nationally and locally, to ensure that... Read more »

5G Protest – Cuts/Sharps Risk

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BT Personnel – (COVID-19) – Reporting of abuse stemming from 5G conspiracy – Updated 19th May 2020.

19th May 2020 – Reporting of abuse stemming from 5G/COVID-19 conspiracy theory Field engineering members across the entire telecommunications sector are reminded of the paramount importance of ensuring that any abusive behaviour... Read more »

Be Extra Vigilant – Milton Keynes Incident – May 2020

A BT Engineer has been involved with a robbery and assaulted in the Milton Keynes area over the last couple of day, mid-May. This resulted in the engineer being hospitalised, although he... Read more »

Workers Memorial Day – 28th April – A week of activities to highlight the role of Key Workers

26th April 2020 – A WEEK OF ACTIVITIES TO HIGHLIGHT THE ROLE OF KEY WORKERS The purpose of this communication is to set out significant dates for next week which will form... Read more »

EE – Welcome Progress on Homeworking

20th April 2020 – Welcome Progress on Homeworking Since the outbreak of Covid 19 the CWU has been pressing EE to introduce widespread homeworking for customer facing staff. We welcome the fact that... Read more »

O2 Shop Closures – Staff Information

Telefonica / o2 – Coronavirus Following the decision on Monday 23rd March, by the Business to close all company stores and the information that followed from the government, we would like to... Read more »

PPE and Social Distancing – CWU Online Support – All Members

PPE Equipment in vans Rivus have reported that some vehicles (may not actually be any of ours) are being dropped off for either a service/MOT/accident damage etc, and the driver has left... Read more »

BT Personnel – Free sanitary products for female workers whilst attending work.

LTB 106/20 – BT Personnel – Motion 72, Annual Conference 2019 The Union’s Personnel Team has been pursuing with the company the terms of Motion 72 carried at Annual Conference 2019:“This conference... Read more »

Punished for being sick? – The Bradford Factor

Punished for being sick? Q. What is the Bradford Factor? It is a formula that many companies (including B.T.) are using to manage what they see as excessive sick absences. The way... Read more »