Chic McGlynn. 1955 – 2022

It is with great sadness that the Branch wishes to inform its members of the death of our ex Branch Secretary, Chic McGlynn. Chic had been unwell for several years and passed... Read more »

BT Strike – Support and #foodbankphil

Monday 1st August – BT Strike – Day 2, saw another massively supported action by, not only Our Members, but the General Public, Local Labour Party Leaders, Trades Councils, Unite and Unison.... Read more »

Massive Thanks to BT CWU Members.

Massive Thanks to BT CWU Members from our branch, for Supporting each other, Supporting the Union and Backing a democratic vote, on the First Day, Friday 29th July, of Strike Action. Across... Read more »

BT and Openreach members prepare to walk out at the end of July for two days. Updated 28th July.

First strike since 1987 as 40,000 BT and Openreach members prepare to walk out at the end of July for two days. The time has arrived for members to back your decision,... Read more »

Overwhelming YES vote in Openreach and BT Group. Full Ballot Results. ‘UPDATE’

7th July 2022 – UPDATE FOR OPENREACH & BT MEMBERS.  Congratulations on delivering last week’s outstanding national strike ballot results.  Here is a quick update for you.  As we set out on... Read more »

VMO2 – Pay and Union Recognition Update – Zoom Call.

Members will be aware that following the imposition of the pay offer this year the CWU conducted a consultative ballot which overwhelmingly supported rejection of the pay offer. Furthermore, a motion was... Read more »

Connect44 Workers get offered ‘ZERO’ Percentage Pay Rise.

Imagine how you’d feel if your employer responded to worst cost of living crisis in a generation by unilaterally declaring they’d decided not to offer any pay rise this year – in... Read more »

Vote ‘YES’ for Industrial Action – A Fair Pay Deal for BT Members. Philip Jansen’s pay last year was 86 times what BT’s average worker got.

First BT Group-wide strike ballot since 1987 begins in earnest, with ballot papers being dispatched today, Wednesday, 15th June, to 40,000 members in BT, Openreach and EE. So according to The Mirror... Read more »

Prepare for the Biggest ‘YES’ Vote for Industrial Action over BT Pay. Watch Here, on YouTube.

Wednesday 15th June – 08:00pm – The BIGGEST Union Meeting ever – on all the CWU social media channels – Following a few questions about the format of the vote,... Read more »

BT Pay Dispute. What Does the CWU and it’s BT and EE Members want and why the BT Pay Ballot must produce a Massive ‘YES’ Vote.

What does the CWU and its BT/Openreach and EE Members want ? The CWU wants a cost of living rise for all. £1500 comes nowhere near the current inflation figures for anyone.... Read more »