A message to our members about Pay in BT, Openreach and EE

Following Philip Jansen’s message to you earlier this week with regard to the company’s pay and reward proposal, let’sbe clear, we believe you deserve this for all your hard work over the... Read more »

National Pensioners Convention – Demands Covid Inquiry.

UK’s biggest campaign group for older people writes to PM calling for Public Inquiry into pandemic deaths.  Read more at the Reitired Members Page >> Read more »

BT Plc – National Industrial Action Ballot Called – Press Reaction.

In a major announcement made on Wednesday 10th March on YouTube and Facebook, details below, the CWU has called an Industrial Action ballot across all CWU members in BT, Openreach and EE.... Read more »

Openreach Repayment Project Engineers – Strike Action – Oxford TRS Picket Line.

March 2021 – Openreach Repayment Project Engineers (RPE) Solidarity Picket Line at Oxford TRS We are here today to ask you to support our Openreach Repayment Project Engineers (RPE) who are striking... Read more »

TUC Heart Unions Week – National ‘‘Follow the Union Day” – Friday 12th February

The Annual TUC Heart Unions week will be held this year from 8-14th February. As part of this week of activity, each union has been asked to hold an online event. The CWU... Read more »

Covid – Lockdown – Latest Advice – 13th Jan 2021

BT members should have been briefed on the latest guidance and rules with engaging with fellow workers and the public and how to carry out your work in a safe manner. If... Read more »

Membership Records Check – Important !

The CWU has now given notice of an Industrial Action ballot for BT, Openreach and EE members. To enable any action to be lawful, it is important that we have your up... Read more »
CWU Openreach Industrial action ballot involving our Repayment Project Engineer members results

Industrial action ballot in Openreach for Repayment Planners – RESULTS

4th February 2021 – INDUSTRIAL ACTION BALLOT – RESULTS. The industrial action ballot involving our Repayment Project Engineer members closed today.  The result are below. Number of ballot papers sent out –... Read more »

New Redundancy Bombshell for BT Technology and Enterprise Members.

19th January 2021 – New redundancy bombshell for Technology and Enterprise members following ‘bizarre and shambolic’ IT outsourcing announcement. It’s been a torrid day for members of BT’s Digital Workplace Services Team... Read more »
Openreach Service Delivery – Unagreed Incentive Scheme Trial

Openreach Service Delivery – Unagreed Incentive Scheme Trial – Update 26th Jan 2021

26th January 2021 – OPENREACH – PTT, Flex and Unagreed Incentive Scheme Trial. The National Team (NT) reported in Briefing 228/2020 the rollout of an unagreed trial covering PTT, Flex and a... Read more »


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