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July 26th, 2024 – IDS (RMG) TAKEOVER BID.

As expected, the formal takeover offer from EP Group for IDS (RMG) has been published today.
The offer document contains more detailed information and the CWU has engaged expert acquisition lawyers to assist us in looking at all aspects of the offer, particularly how the bid is being financed.

The union has also written to all individual members (letter in print) (see below) with a comprehensive update on the takeover bid, providing members with relevant information on the process and explaining how we are dealing with the overall situation and its impact on our members and the future of the company.

Following a number of enquiries, we would ask you to convey to our members that the union is not in a position to recommend on a financial basis, one way or the other, how CWU shareholder members should vote on the offer. This is a matter for each individual shareholder.

However, the letter to members will set out very clearly, in line with our conference policy, the overall position of the CWU with regard to the takeover bid.

To summarise, we do not believe it’s right for an overseas equity investor to own RMG in its entirety, we are also equally clear that we cannot support the current Board, whose actions have seriously damaged Royal Mail and the workforce. Moreover, we do not believe the current Board have any meaningful strategy to get the workforce back onboard and grow the business. This is why CWU is calling for a new model of ownership, a separate agreement on stronger protections and guarantees for the workforce and a complete overhaul of Royal Mail’s governance and managerial structure – to give the workforce and customers a greater say over the future direction of the company.

The letter to members also explains that renationalisation is our ultimate goal, whilst being honest and upfront that it is highly unlikely in the current political and economic environment. Furthermore, that it is our duty to engage with the bidders and deal with the circumstances we are facing here and now.

Further discussions will take place with EP Group and they have agreed that we will meet Daniel Kretinsky after the General Election.
We will also continue to discuss this matter with the Labour Party – who hopefully will form the next government – on the implementation of the commitments they have made in the Manifesto. This is also set out in our letter to members.

Finally, given there are still significant hurdles for EP Group to overcome, irrespective of the shareholder vote, we are confident there will be opportunities to influence the outcome of this bid in a way that protects and strengthens the interests of our members.

Letter to members can be found here.

July 14th, 2023 – Business Recovery, Transformation & growth Agreement – Payment Dates

Following discussions with Royal Mail Group, we are now able to confirm the relevant dates for pay increases and lump sums linked to the endorsement of the Business Recovery, Transformation and Growth Agreement.
The 6% increase will be paid on Friday 4 August, including arrears backdated to 3 April 2023. Monthly paid colleagues (excluding Fleet and PFSL) will receive their increase and arrears in July salaries (pay date Monday 31 July).
The pay increase applies to base pay, overtime, scheduled attendance, basic pay supplements, functional supplements, skills, and unsocial hours allowances (except RRIS legacy and reserved rights payments), London weighting and Scottish Distant Islands Allowance.
The one-off £500 lump sum will be paid to members in Royal Mail, PFW and support functions (excluding PFSL and Fleet) on Friday 29 September.
£900 LUMP SUM (minimum)
In addition, the one-off lump sum payment of at least £900 will be paid on Friday 29 September.
The exact amount will depend on the precise number of employees at the time of the payment but will be at least £900 per employee. This payment will also be received by Fleet and PFSL members.
This means a total lump sum payment of at least £1,400 will be paid on Friday 29 September (pro-rated for part-time employees).
All the payments set out above will only be paid to employees in post on the 4th August 2023.
Fleet members will not receive the pay rise and £500 lump sum at this point. These payments will be subject to the ongoing negotiations with the employer.
The ambition of the CWU was to ensure the payments were made to members as quickly as possible. We have achieved this aim with regards to the pay rise and arrears – this is one of the quickest turnarounds we have seen following the endorsement of a national agreement.
We would have wanted to have seen the lump sum payments paid earlier but we are sure members will welcome the certainty of an exact date for payment.

July 11th, 2023 – Business Recovery, Transformation & growth Agreement – Ballot Results.


May 10th, 2023 – Business Recovery, Transformation & growth Agreement – Revised Ballot Timetable.

The Postal Executive met yesterday and received a report from the Officers in regard to recent talks with RMG management. As a consequence, a revised ballot timetable has been agreed. Primarily this decision was made due to the requirement to create the right environment for the ballot to be conducted. In essence, we have seen no material change in attitude from management since the Agreement was endorsed by the Postal Executive and rather than working with the Union, there is not enough evidence of them moving away from the “it’s our business to run” mantra. Crucial to this is the need for the company to restore the IR Framework on the ground.

Specifically, Paragraph 2.5 of the BRT&G Agreement contains the commitment to agree measures required to put revisions right. Q of S and USO failings continue to be issues of concern. In this regard we met with Grant McPherson, COO last week and we have agreed to urgently hold a Joint forum of RODs / GMs and Div Reps. This forum is fundamental to impress upon senior operational managers the imperative of restoring the IR Framework Agreement and addressing the legitimate concerns we have in regard to the Operation and in particular, failed revisions.

The Postal Executive has therefore agreed the revised ballot timetable below to ensure the commitments to work together in the Agreement are in place prior to the ballot commencing.
Ballot papers despatched: Thursday 25th May
Ballot closes and result declared: Wednesday 14th Jun

April 15th, 2023 – Negotiators Agreement reached with Royal Mail Group.

According to General Secretary, Dave Ward and Deputy General Secretary, Andy Furey, the CWU and Royal Mail Group have come to a negotiators agreement.

“After almost a year of talks, Royal Mail and the Communication Workers’ Union (CWU) are pleased to announce they have reached a negotiators’ agreement in principle. The proposed agreement will now be considered by the executive of the union before being voted on by the union’s membership”.

More details will become available over the next week after the Postal Executive meet on Monday and Tuesday to consider this new agreement and then to brief reps across the union structure.

Royal Mail Group Dispute – Joint Statement – March 2023.

Joint statement from Royal Mail and the Communication Workers Union (CWU): talks extended

Negotiations under a new process between the senior leadership of both RMG and the CWU facilitated by Brendan Barber (former TUC General Secretary and ACAS Chair) supported by Marina Glasgow (Chief Conciliator of ACAS) have been taking place.

Talks continued this weekend. Progress has been made in some areas and it has been agreed to extend the talks into this week.

Both parties reiterate the importance of the full adherence to the joint statement and appendix agreed on Thursday 2nd March and the need for workplace tensions to be reduced. Both parties confirm that, as agreed, local disagreements on revisions will be referred to the fast track escalation process set out in the Annex to the joint statement and that any unagreed changes will not be implemented during this process.

We will update you as soon as we can.

Branches, Representatives and members will be aware that the Union have been involved in a new process of negotiations involving Board members and crucially these talks have been facilitated by Sir Brendan Barber.  The previously agreed Joint Statement indicated we would seek to reach an agreement by Sunday 12th March. 

Whilst it is fair to say that progress has been made, it is evident more time is required to bring these negotiations to a successful conclusion.  In this regard, we have agreed the Joint Statement, above that confirms a time extension for talks to continue this week.

February 2023 – National Get The Vote Out Day.

Ballot Results – Here.

There is no doubt this has been the most bitter and complex dispute in our history. 3 ballots, 18 days of
strike action and we have stood up against the most brutal attack on workers in the UK for many decades.
The ongoing ballot is the most important vote of your working lives.
If we are able to deliver a massive yes vote and turnout, then we will go on to win this dispute – this has to be our absolute focus.
Over the weekend we received correspondence from Royal Mail Group’s legal representatives challenging the strike action we have called across the 16th/17th February. Having discussed this with our lawyers they have advised that we could defend our position in court.
However, they have also advised that given the laws in this country are heavily weighted against working people, the risks of losing in court may potentially impact on the re-ballot – we simply cannot allow this happen.
On this basis the Postal Executive do not believe it is worth risking the status of the new ballot to defend a ballot mandate that expires on 17th February. Instead, we have agreed the following steps:

• We will not be taking strike action on 16th / 17th February
• The focus of the whole union must remain on winning the ballot
• We will re-enter negotiations with Royal Mail Group this week
• If talks fail, we will significantly step up the programme of strike action
• The union will shortly announce details of a formal strike fund

This rush to the courts by Royal Mail Group is the latest in a long list of deliberate, sustained and coordinated attacks on you:

• Executive action in the workplace
• Suspension and dismissal of CWU representatives and members
• Relentless goading and intimidation online

You have risen above every single one of these actions and we know you will do the same now. We cannot allow Royal Mail Group’s blatant efforts to demoralise you and discredit the union, to distract us from the reality that the resolution to this long running dispute will be determined and settled by the outcome of the current vote.
Voting for and taking strike action is never easy but we have to be crystal clear. If you do not vote in this ballot, then Royal Mail Group count you as on their side. This means they see you as endorsing a
strategy which includes:

• The removal of the right to negotiate at local level – executive action is being taken across the UK. If we do not win this ballot, it will become standard practise
• Later starts in every function and business
• Open attacks, suspensions, and dismissals of CWU members and representatives
• Total flexibility – not knowing what you are doing on a daily basis
• Outsourcing – this has already started in Fleet and will not stop there
• Bringing back managers who received 2 years redundancy pay and handing them £40,000 for a 9-month contract
• A senior management team assembled from union busting backgrounds
• A company happy to openly mislead Parliament.

You are better than this.


Solidarity, Dave Ward General Secretary
Andy Furey Acting Deputy General Secretary (Postal)

How did it get to this, see here.