Covid – Lockdown – Latest Advice – 13th Jan 2021

BT members should have been briefed on the latest guidance and rules with engaging with fellow workers...

Health, Safety & Environment Briefings – 2020

Rivus Workshops – COVID Alert – Visitors must wear face coverings.

Disability Pay Gap gets bigger.

Constituency Labour Parties (CLP’s)

A Constituency Labour Party (CLP) is an organisation of members of the Labour Party who live in...

Trades Union Councils

Campaign to save the Union Learning Fund (ULF) – Sign the Petition

Support the Early Day Motion to call for Funding for Universities

Rules Revision Conference 2021

UPDATE – Propositions 1,2 and 11 were passed. The agenda pad for the Special Rules Revision Conference...

TUC Black Workers Conference 2021

TUC Young Workers Conference 2021

TUC Disabled Workers Conference 2021

TUC LGBT+ Conference 2021


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