Disability Pay Gap gets bigger.

Since the TUC started its campaign in 2019 to shine a light on the issue of pay gaps involving workers with disabilities the picture in the last 12 months has shown that the gap grown even larger; when you factor in some of the intersectional elements the gap grows from 20% to a whopping 36% for women employees who have a disability.

CWU NEC member and Disability Lead Mark Anthony Bastiani said “When a person with a disability goes to work they do so knowing that their counterparts without a disability is going to be paid significantly more money than them in terms of average pay. A worker with a disability will be working 60 days of the year for no pay in comparative terms. Pay gaps across the various strand groups have to be addressed and the CWU are keen to play its part to highlight this injustice.”

To find out more about the Disability Pay Gap please go to the TUC web site.