O2 Shop Closures – Staff Information

Telefonica / o2 – Coronavirus

Following the decision on Monday 23rd March, by the Business to close all company stores and the information that followed from the government, we would like to keep you updated on any developments.

The CWU National team are having daily conversations with the business as things are changing hour by hour. We have been reassured that during the period of store closures you will continue to receive your base pay, and the subject of bonus payments is being looked into.


  • Keep in touch with your team and agree how regularly you will talk.
  • Your Regional Leader will let you know when you are required to come back to work.
  • Keep Success Factors up to date – it’s important your Store Leader still know who is available to work when the time comes.
  • Check Workplace regularly for business updates.
  • If you have annual leave planned, then please do not cancel it as the 5 days carry over will still apply at the end of the year.

FAQs on campus have been updated with a new section for questions around store closures.


Online payslips are due to be released on 24 March at the end of the day.

March payslips, paper payslips will also be distributed to all employee’s home addresses from 25th March 2020 to ensure everyone has a copy. Please do not email payroll to request a copy of your payslip unless not received by payday.

The safety and wellbeing of our members are paramount, and we understand this is a very difficult time for all. We have never faced anything like this before, it’s a time for everyone to support each other where they can.

Should you have any further questions please feel free to contact your Telefonica National Team representative.