BT and Openreach members prepare to walk out at the end of July for two days. Updated 28th July.

First strike since 1987 as 40,000 BT and Openreach members prepare to walk out at the end of July for two days. The time has arrived for members to back your decision,... Read more »

Overwhelming YES vote in Openreach and BT Group. Full Ballot Results. ‘UPDATE’

7th July 2022 – UPDATE FOR OPENREACH & BT MEMBERS.  Congratulations on delivering last week’s outstanding national strike ballot results.  Here is a quick update for you.  As we set out on... Read more »

BT Pay Dispute. What Does the CWU and it’s BT and EE Members want and why the BT Pay Ballot must produce a Massive ‘YES’ Vote.

What does the CWU and its BT/Openreach and EE Members want ? The CWU wants a cost of living rise for all. £1500 comes nowhere near the current inflation figures for anyone.... Read more »

‘Our Hours’ campaign triumph as Openreach finally calls time on PTT

“It might have taken us a long time to get to this point – but we’ve got there by sticking together, remaining resolute and not giving up, and it’s vital we never... Read more »

Openreach Service Delivery ‘career pathways’ breakthrough set to benefit thousands.

13th January 2022 – Update. Openreach has today (Thursday) reinforced its commitment to  helping ALL engineers in Service Delivery upskill to ‘advanced engineering’ level within two years – bringing the tantalising prospect... Read more »

RP Engineers – Strike Action – Talks with Openreach Resume.

23rd April 2021 – Talks resume with Openreach as RPEs notch up 15 days of strike action. A solid week of industrial action is today (Friday) drawing to a close in Openreach,... Read more »