BT Fined £6,000 for Dangerous Roadworks Safety Failures After Failure To Set Up Essential Safety Measures

BT Group has been fined £6,000 after Inspectors found their contractors had failed to set up essential safety measures for roadworks. BT pleaded guilty at Rickergate Magistrates’ court in Carlisle, to three... Read more »

RoSPA Top Safety Award for CWU National Health and Safety Officer

Communication Workers Union National Health, Safety and Environment Officer Dave Joyce has been recognised by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) with the Society’s prestigious top award for individuals... Read more »

LTB – DFS fined £1m Following Worker’s Neck and Head Injuries

No. 113/2017 27 February 2017 Our Ref: EX5/17 DFS fined £1m Following Worker’s Neck and Head Injuries – Warning to All Large National Employers Such as Royal Mail, BT, Capita, POL etc... Read more »

LTB – Seven Health Checks For Men

1. BOWEL CANCER WHY? The third most prevalent cancer in men, with more than18,000 new cases each year. SYMPTOMS: Blood or mucous in your stools, changes in bowel habits (diarrhoea, constipation or... Read more »

BT Pay Bulletin No.3

CWU reject BT formal offer in pay talks  The CWU negotiating team led by Andy Kerr, Deputy General Secretary (T&FS) has held a series of meetings to discuss the 2017 NewGRID grades... Read more »

LTB / Drivers Using Mobile Phones will Receive Six Penalty Points and a £200 Fine

Drivers Using Mobile Phones while Driving will Receive Six Penalty Points and a £200 Fine from March 1 As Penalties Double in Government Road Safety Clamp Down & Police Launch National Campaign Dear... Read more »

LTB – Movember Campaign (Highlighting Men’s Health Issues)

About The Movember Foundation and Campaign   The aim of the ‘Movember Foundation’ is simply ‘Stopping men dying too young’. Their mission statement says that “Our fathers, partners, brothers and friends face... Read more »

LTB – Serious Safety Warning To All CWU Member Drivers

Dear Colleagues,   Serious Injuries Accident – Keighley: On the 9th August this year a Keighley Delivery Office Postman and CWU member received serious injuries when his van collided with a ‘Swing... Read more »

Backcare Awareness Week

This week, 3rd-8th October, is Backcare Awareness Week. Many of us have suffered from this condition at one point or another. Indeed according to the Office for National Statistics over 30 million... Read more »

Dog Offenders to get Harsher Sentences

The Sentencing Council has published new guidelines for how Magistrates and Crown Court Judges should sentence people convicted of dangerous dog act offences. The announcement is confirmation that another objective of the... Read more »