BT Compulsory Redundancies – Updated 22nd July 2020

22nd July 2020 – Technology outrage a ‘new low for BT’ – Full Article Here Throughout the past few months BT members have played a critical role maintaining the nation’s connectivity during... Read more »

Latest CWU Member Benefits and Discounts – July 2020

July 10th 2020 – CWU Family The National Executive Committee has agreed to introduce CWU Family, which extends some of the benefits available to CWU members to other members of their household... Read more »

State Pension – Threat to Triple Lock – Letter to MP’s

As you will be aware it is the policy of the CWU, developed through the Retired Members Committee the Retired Members Conference and CWU General Conference to support and campaign for the... Read more »


25th June 2020 – BT Pay 2020 – Ballot Results. We commenced a ballot on the Monday 15th June 2020 with regard this year’s pay award from BT for all Team Members... Read more »

Message To Our Openreach Members – Updated 7th July 2020

7th July 2020 – Openreach Ltd. Covid 19 Safe Working Since the outbreak of Covid 19 the CWU has continued to do all it can, both nationally and locally, to ensure that... Read more »

5G Protest – Cuts/Sharps Risk

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BT Pension Review Agreement 2018 – Redundancy Terms Under Attack.

Is this the start of Compulsory Redundancies? Please be advised that BT Group have outlined to the members this morning, their proposal simplify the BT paid leaver and redundancy arrangements.  The CWU... Read more »

BT Personnel – (COVID-19) – Reporting of abuse stemming from 5G conspiracy – Updated 19th May 2020.

19th May 2020 – Reporting of abuse stemming from 5G/COVID-19 conspiracy theory Field engineering members across the entire telecommunications sector are reminded of the paramount importance of ensuring that any abusive behaviour... Read more »

Your Union Needs You

Thank you for being a CWU member. You have a choice and we appreciate your ongoing support. However you will be acutely aware that BT is looking to make rapid change that... Read more »

Be Extra Vigilant – Milton Keynes Incident – May 2020

A BT Engineer has been involved with a robbery and assaulted in the Milton Keynes area over the last couple of day, mid-May. This resulted in the engineer being hospitalised, although he... Read more »