EE – Welcome Progress on Homeworking

20th April 2020 – Welcome Progress on Homeworking

Since the outbreak of Covid 19 the CWU has been pressing EE to introduce widespread homeworking for customer facing staff. 
We welcome the fact that EE has now moved significantly on this issue and has committed to large scale temporary homeworking in order to help protect advisors’ health and wellbeing.

Criteria for Homeworking

EE is now trying to facilitate homeworking for all those who want to take up this option. In order to become a homeworker, you will need to have the following:
·       A stable broadband connection.
·      A room where you can work in private where you will not be disturbed, with a desk and a chair.

You will not be required to use your own PCs, laptops, tablets or headphones, but your mandatory training must be up to date.
We have also asked EE to provide mobile broadband in cases where individual broadband connections are not good enough, and to look sympathetically at changes to attendances if these can help overcome practical issues with arrangements at home.

Priority Cases

We have been pushing to ensure that those most at risk are given priority for homeworking. EE has now confirmed that those most at risk will be given priority in the order below. Homeworking for those in these categories should be offered homeworking before, or in parallel with, the general roll out in operational areas.

In addition, EE will also consider giving priority to homeworking to address other issues such as maintaining social distancing, or reduced public transport.
If you believe that you are in one of the five categories above and have not made EE aware of this fact, please contact your Line Manager as a matter of urgency.

Hot Desking

We are continuing to seek an end to all hot desking. Our view is that if there are large number of advisors working from home EE should be able to give us an assurance that all hot desking will cease.
At the moment EE’s view remains that be avoided “wherever possible”, but that where it is happening the work area must be thoroughly cleaned every time that someone new uses a desk.
We will continue to press EE to stop hot desking altogether in order to minimise the risk of infection.

Specialist Chairs and Desks

EE has agreed that if you have a specialist chair you can take it home if that is the only thing preventing you from homeworking.  EE has said that advisors need to transport the chairs themselves. However, we have asked that assistance from EE should be considered where individuals don’t have access to their own transport.
In addition, we have asked EE to consider sympathetically requests from advisors to take specialist desks home.

Annual Leave and Breaks

If you are homeworking you should continue to book annual leave in line with normal processes and also take your breaks as normal.


EE is working to a timetable to roll out of homeworking in most areas is complete by early May. The roll out has already started, and has been completed in EE Enterprise. Look out for information on your site.

If you are not already a member you can join us on line at:

We are here to help. Keep safe.