Count Me In

12th Jan 2021 – Update on the CWU Count Me In campaign.  

Last month 98% of you told us that you would be willing to take industrial action if BT do not change their stance and continue with their ‘race to the bottom strategy’. You have shown support for your union and taken a stand against BT’s approach and, once again, we thank you for this. Consequently, knowing that we have your full backing, we are now able to embark upon more serious negotiations with BT, with the following aims:

  • An agreement on job security for all our members
  • A fair grading, pay and reward structure including EE
  • A re-skilling and training agreement that increases redeployment opportunities
  • A fair and enhanced voluntary redundancy package
  • A reinstatement of the legally binding element of the pensions agreement

We will provide updates as regularly as we can, but in the meantime, the ‘Count Me In’ campaign will continue. We need to stress that should the negotiations fail to achieve an agreement, we need to be ready to take the next steps, without delay, via a statutory industrial ballot. 

It is absolutely vital that you continue to ensure your personal records are correct, and encourage your colleagues to do likewise. Details such as home addresses, personal email addresses, mobile phone numbers and workplaces must be kept up to date continually for every member. Please contact your branch if you have recently changed any of your personal contact details or to verify those we have on record are correct. Alternatively you can email

We know how hard you are all working out there as Key Workers, we will provide updates as often as we can, and in the meantime please take care and stay safe.

Background to the Count Me In Campaign.

Throughout the past few months CWU members across BT, EE and Openreach have delivered a consistent, loyal and essential service.  You are one of those key workers and I thank and congratulate you for all you have done keeping essential services, businesses, families and friends connected with one another in what has been a challenging, tragic and unprecedented moment in our lives.  Read more »

Latest News on the CountMeIn Campaign can be found here...
Details of National Live Event can be found here.

“Still confused to why you should vote YES?
One of your branch officers should be ringing you over the next few days

or you can contact them here.”

19th November 2020 – National Consultative Ballot Opens.

A comprehensive ‘YES’ Vote is needed!!

“It’s NOT JUST ABOUT COMPULSORY REDUNDANCIES, BT are attacking our agreements, which have been fought for over the years and are now at risk of being torn up, if we, me and you, do not show support for our Union. BT will be watching us closely over the next few weeks and months, looking for weakness and seeing what they can get away with next.
Changes to Compulsory and Voluntary redundancy terms. Un-agreed enforced COT (Compulsory Overtime). Personal Travel Time, Pay and Protection ignored.
Staff being made redundant and their jobs being off-shored. Closure of offices, soon none in our branch area. More contractors installing our Fibre Network. Attacks on Union representatives. Threats to terms and conditions. The list of attacks growing day by day.”  

Is this a concerted attack on the CWU as a whole with now, more attacks, on Rivus / Fleet” – see here.

A comprehensive ‘YES’ Vote is needed!!

5th November 2020 – National Consultative Ballot.

A consultative ballot for industrial action is going to be held across all of BT. Read more »


Following the recent proposed site closure announcements, within both the Midlands and Chester over the last couple of weeks and with more announcements to come, the CWU wish to urgently clarify our position and would ask you to communicate the following key points to members who you know are affected.  

  1. We do not accept the approach BT are taking in determining reasonable travel or our members. The company’s well established EDDI process is the agreed position between BT and the CWU. In addition, we are aware that some members have received consultation letters suggesting that they may be subject to the disciplinary process if they contest the reasonability of the proposed move.  We totally reject that this is a matter for discipline and this approach is unacceptable. The agreed procedure under the EDDI process should apply. 
  • We believe that in the event that BT need to exit a building where our desk based members are currently headquartered that Home / SMART Working should be used to find suitable and reasonable solutions. This is especially the case given that the majority of our affected members have been working from home during the recent months as a result of the pandemic.
  • The stance BT are taking, is in absolute contradiction to their commitment to reducing their carbon footprint.  Under these latest proposals, as they stand, many of our members would be expected to make excessive additional journeys and travel over 90 minutes each way to work.

13th October 2020 – Unity is strength, CWU tells members across BT Group, as Technology piles insult on injury

The seriousness of a compulsory redundancy bloodbath that is drawing to a head in BT Technology has today (Tuesday) been impressed on members in the division, with the CWU now convinced that the current jobs cull is about to be superseded by an even bigger one.

No fewer than 200 loyal and long-serving  employees, who’ve given their all to keep the country connected throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, see BBC news story, are now within weeks of being forcibly ejected under what Technology admits is just ‘phase one’ if its ongoing ‘transformation’. Read more »

1st October 2020 – National Day of Action

BT has been served notice that the anger of its workforce will be on full public view next week as the union steps up its Count Me In campaign of resistance against multiple attacks on employees in different lines of business.  Read more »

25th September 2020 – CWU & Prospect Joint Statement – Unions say Enough is Enough

The current situation in BT is one of grave concern to the members of both the CWU and Prospect. We are seeing redundancies being threatened and taking place across the UK, under the Better Workplace programme. Furthermore, there appears to be a process of permanent reorganisation across the business, again leading to the loss of members’ jobs and creating widespread anxiety. Finally, we believe the company are proposing to implement massive cuts to redundancy pay in order to make it cheaper to carry out their plans.
The CWU and Prospect are the recognised trade unions in BT. The Company has stated that we are the voice of managers and team members respectively in the business. Therefore, we are now using that voice to say enough is enough in terms of BT’s approach to industrial relations and more importantly, the treatment of our members.
We reject the aggressive and provocative approach of BT in tearing up contractual redundancy agreements that were reached only two years ago and put in place, following the closure of the BT Pension Scheme. We reject an approach that favours imposition over negotiation. We reject a location strategy that ignores where our members are currently based, removes BT from huge swathes of the UK, and is completely contrary to both the public health and environmental agenda that the company is signed up to.
In order to fight this unprecedented attack on our members, both unions representing BT workers are pledged to work as closely together as possible. The company will no doubt seek to continue its divide and rule strategy, using bodies such as the Colleague Board, who have no remit over your terms and conditions, to undermine the recognition agreements we have in place. However, The CWU and Prospect will reject any attempt to circumvent the collective process and will, wherever possible, campaign jointly to fight changes that are detrimental to members.

As union members we will be stronger standing together.
As unions we will achieve much more by fighting together.
Unity is Strength!

Andy Kerr – CWU Deputy General Secretary (T&FS)
John Ferrett – Prospect National Secretary

18th September – Andy Kerr’s Latest Message to BT Members.

An urgent rallying call has today (Friday) been issued to members across BT Group – with deputy general secretary Andy Kerr stressing the vital importance of across-the-board involvement in the union’s ‘Count Me In’ campaign.

Launched in mid-July, in response to multiple different manifestations of a belligerent new management approach that is sweeping across every single BT line of business, many thousands of members have already signed up in support of a concerted CWU fightback that is becoming more urgent by the minute. Read more »

11th September – Openreach Location Strategy – As reported in the i Newspaper.

Britain’s largest broadband network operator is introducing a new ‘location strategy’ that will see desk-based staff forced to work from one of nine sites. Read more »

18th August 2020 – Don’t betray loyal key workers, CWU urges BT Technology boss in damning open letter .

An urgent appeal has been issued to the boss of BT Technology to intervene in an increasing contentious row over the business’s current refusal to meaningfully engage with the CWU over ways the union believes staff surpluses could be addressed without the need for compulsory redundancies. Read more »

6th August 2020 – Andy Kerr – CWU DGS (T&FS) Article in the Tribune.

BT’s Attack on Key Workers. By Andy Kerr.
“BT workers kept Britain connected during Covid-19 – but instead of a reward from the company they now face forced redundancies and cuts to terms and conditions.” Read more from The Tribune »

6th August 2020 – Latest News on the CountMeIn Campaign can be found here...

An already serious redundancy situation in BT Technology took a further turn for the worse this afternoon  (Wednesday 5th August 2020) with management’s announcement that around 30 more team member grade employees have been added to phase one of the jobs cull. Read more »

14th July 2020

Extraordinarily, the bombshell that BT has placed its entire office-based Aberdeen workforce of 97 members at risk of compulsory redundancy from as early as September 30, dropped mid-way through a special CWU online branch forum on Tuesday to discuss the fast deteriorating industrial relations outlook across BT Group.

At a stroke the jaw-dropping development – which is not just devastating to the individuals directly affected but also to an entire city that is already struggling to cope with the decline of  the oil industry – gave unwanted but highly poignant additional launch-day impetus to the union’s Count Me In campaign of resistance.


Throughout the past few months CWU members across BT, EE and Openreach have delivered a consistent, loyal and essential service.  You are one of those key workers and I thank and congratulate you for all you have done keeping essential services, businesses, families and friends connected with one another in what has been a challenging, tragic and unprecedented moment in our lives. 

“It is, with a heavy heart that I am writing to you today to explain how your employer (BT Group) has chosen to ignore your sterling service and to highlight the urgency of how we must act in response.” 

BT Group’s reorganisation plans involve:

  • Closure of, at least, 175 sites
  • An un-coordinated approach across Customer Facing Units (CFUs) which will lessen the chance of re-deployment and managing the situation by voluntary means
  • Undermining and ignoring your agreements that protect your pension and voluntary redundancy terms
  • Drastically reducing the pay, terms & conditions for multiple roles and grades

All of this will have an impact on you and your future job security.  At a time of economic uncertainty and worry, BT Group is ploughing ahead with a radical reorganisation of its business; implementing changes that will undermine your existing benefits and job security as a BT Group worker. All of this to protect profit not people. The actions of BT Group are extremely shocking aggressive and morally questionable.

Your Union’s position is clear. We aim to enter talks with BT and campaign to:

  • Increase job security and maximise the number of UK direct labour jobs in BT
  • Agree a centrally coordinated response to redeployment across all CFU’s to create a pathway that allows retraining and reskilling well in advance of any redundancy announcements
  • Maintain decent pay, terms and conditions for all BT employees by ensuring a fair grading, pay and reward structure
  • Create a fair, enhanced voluntary redundancy package
  • Re-instate the legally binding element of the pensions agreement
  • Minimise the use of contractors and reduce off shore work to maximise employment for UK BT employees

Now is the time for us all to come together and get involved to achieve these aims.  By getting involved you will help us create the necessary leverage with the company.  Being a union member means we are part of an active community that achieve things together.  It does not matter if you have not been active in the union in the past.  There is something for everyone to get involved in to be part of this campaign. 

CWU’s Response – BT Members, prepare to ballot – now is the time to fight

The video session Tuesday14th July has over 20,000 cross-platform views already. You can watch it back via the following links;