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Monday 26th October 2020 – Facebook Live Event – 18:30

BT Technology members are being consulted on support for industrial action at the present time.
More redundancies are being announced in Global, Enterprise and Group, lines of business along with more off-shoring of work.
BT’s better workplace, Openreach style, just got even worse for employees.
Not only have Openreach now deemed it is acceptable for people to have to travel 90 minutes each way to work but they are now sending out letters threatening people that if they don’t agree to this, they can be disciplined and dismissed. Read more »
Please attend the Facebook Live event, no Facebook account is needed –

Tuesday 20th October – BT TECHNOLOGY FIELD ENGINEERS WEBINAR EVENT – 18:30 – 19:30.

The CWU National Team would like you to attend an event with your national representatives to update all CWU members working in the field on a number of key programmes that we have been in discussion on with senior Technology management.

We would also like to update you on the CWU #CountMeIn campaign and how this affects you.

Members should have received an email invite to the above event, if not please contact one of our branch officers – Contacts.

Tuesday 22nd September 2020 – Facebook Live Event – 18:30

Members have been contacting the branch over the last couple of weeks to ask what is the CWU doing about the various challenges we are facing in BT right now.
So to get an up to date picture and to ask questions of your national representatives we urge you to join our Facebook live call, details below.

CWU Facebook Page / CWU Twitter Account / CWU YouTube channel


Following negotiations with the company on Technology Transformation, please see here CWU web story providing an update on the current situation. 
The CWU BT Technology National Team are arranging a Webinar to update all our members on the Technology Transformation.

All Technology members should have received their own registration link.

Tuesday 25th August – CWU BT Technology Update Zoom Call – 18:30.

The CWU BT Technology National Team are arranging a Zoom meeting to update members in Technology on the compulsory redundancy situation. The  Zoom webinar will commence at 6:30pm and run until 8pm.

Thursday 13th August – CWU BT Technology Update Zoom Call – 18:30.

The CWU BT Technology National Team are arranging a Zoom meeting to update all our members in Technology on the compulsory redundancy situation. Register in advance for this meeting – here

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

As you know BT Technology have so far made two announcements where people are at-risk of compulsory redundancy with 186 people so far, affected. These are without doubt very troubling times for our members and their families.

The CWU have been in intense discussions with the company for some weeks on this issue and have relentlessly urged the company to consider a wider voluntary approach, but this has been repeatedly rejected as management want to decide who stays and who leaves.
We have exhausted the formal disagreement process and so we find ourselves nearing a trade dispute situation which none of us wanted.

Some parts of the business are not impacted e.g. Engineering Services, but almost every other aspect could be affected as more technological changes occur and automation effectively ceases more roles. Then there is the ‘Better Workplace Programme’ which we know will see vast areas of the country with no desk based Technology members at all with none in Scotland or Wales.
The CWU national team believe that because of the age profile of the workforce and average length of service that some may wish to leave the company on a voluntary basis but on the compulsory package terms. We believe your preferences should not be ignored.


The CWU are hosting an online webinar to discuss the announcement from BT on 28th July regarding those members who at risk of redundancy. If you haven’t received your personal invite, please contact a branch officer – Contacts

Wednesday 22nd July 2020 – BT Technology Call – 18:00

Following Technology Compulsory Redundancies – See here

See below for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube details.

CWU Facebook Page / CWU Twitter Account / CWU YouTube channel


Our Branch held a constructive and informative Zoom video event for our Desk Based Members on Thursday 16th July 2020 at 19:30 with Julia Upton and officers from the branch.
Invites were sent to around 250 members and 49 people were on the call, so for our first call a good turn out.
It was emphasised that the Union will continue to negotiate, but it may certainty need joint action from our members.
As was elegantly pointed out by Fiona Curtis, CWU Openreach NT Young Worker, “our the Union is not just the reps, but you the members.”


Tuesday 14th July at 6pm, we have a Live session for all BT Group members where we will launch a major new campaign. It is absolutely critical that as many members, branches, and representatives as possible tune in.

We will be setting out the aims of the campaign as well as clearly laying out the role of our branches and members in making it a success.

There are three ways for CWU members to view and engage with the session:

1. CWU Facebook Page 

2. CWU Twitter Account

3. CWU YouTube channel 

It is vital that this information reaches as many members as possible so please share the above via email, text, whatsapp and social media.


CWU Facebook Page –

Please be advised of the next two Facebook live sessions.
Please join and share as widely as possible to your members so that they can watch and submit their questions.

There is also a meme on facebook for the first session which you can retweet at:

Monday 29th June 2020

6pm – Facebook Live Session – Telecoms and Financial Services discussion Dave Ward, Andy Kerr and Karen Rose

You watch the replay and view the comments here