Branch / Facebook Live Events


Our Branch will be holding a Zoom video event for our Desk Based Members on Thursday 16th July 2020 at 19:30 – Invites have been sent out. If you haven’t received an invite, then please get in touch with one of our officers who will be able to give you the details.


Tuesday 14th July at 6pm, we have a Live session for all BT Group members where we will launch a major new campaign. It is absolutely critical that as many members, branches, and representatives as possible tune in.

We will be setting out the aims of the campaign as well as clearly laying out the role of our branches and members in making it a success.

There are three ways for CWU members to view and engage with the session:

1. CWU Facebook Page 

2. CWU Twitter Account

3. CWU YouTube channel 

It is vital that this information reaches as many members as possible so please share the above via email, text, whatsapp and social media.


CWU Facebook Page –

Please be advised of the next two Facebook live sessions.
Please join and share as widely as possible to your members so that they can watch and submit their questions.

There is also a meme on facebook for the first session which you can retweet at:

Monday 29th June 2020

6pm – Facebook Live Session – Telecoms and Financial Services discussion Dave Ward, Andy Kerr and Karen Rose

You watch the replay and view the comments here