BT Fined £6,000 for Dangerous Roadworks Safety Failures After Failure To Set Up Essential Safety Measures

BT Group has been fined £6,000 after Inspectors found their contractors had failed to set up essential safety measures for roadworks.

BT pleaded guilty at Rickergate Magistrates’ court in Carlisle, to three offences under the roadworks regulations for failing to have the correct safety measures in place at a work site in High Street, Workington in September and October of last year.

The Court was told that BT had failed to ensure the roadworks were properly guarded and lit, or equipped with signage to help pedestrians. The needs of disabled people in particular were not addressed.

The court was also told that since the offences were committed, BT had put in place additional safeguards, and had increased safety refresher courses for its contractors.

District Judge Gerald Chalk said he had given the firm credit for pleading guilty to the three offences and he noted there had been no adverse effect on members of the public. The judge also noted that BT had immediately investigated the problem when alerted to it and took action to put it right. However, Utility companies had to make sure they carried out work without putting the public at risk and BT had to make sure it chose its contractors carefully.

For the three offences, the judge imposed fines of £2,500, £2,000, and £1,500 respectively. He also ordered the firm to pay the prosecution costs and a victim surcharge of £170.

A BT spokeswoman said: “We pleaded guilty on three counts of failing to properly guard street works sites and we recognise that we failed to meet the required standards and corrective action has been taken in these cases. We have recently deployed a new contractor in this area and are committed to driving improvements in site safety.”

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