Royal Mail – RMPFSL – Ballot Result.

Royal Mail Property & Facilities Solutions Ltd – (RMPFSL) – Ballot Results.

We are pleased to announce our RMPFSL members have overwhelmingly accepted the RMPFSL Pay and Associated Issues agreement.
The ballot result was an 87% YES vote with a 61.31% return, thank you for all members who voted.
The full figures for the ballot are shown below.
We would like to thank all members for the support they have given us during the RMPFSL dispute, which has undoubtedly got us to the final position. We will now be working with RMPFSL to ensure the agreement is implemented in full. Arrears of Pay will be paid on 31st March 2023.
We have also agreed a negotiators agreement on Improved Holiday Pay. We will be presenting this to the Postal Executive in due course and if endorsed by the executive we will then put out to a branch ballot for endorsement. This is a further benefit to our RMPFSL members and further details will be circulated in due course.

Ballot Results.

Civica Election Services can confirm that, as far as reasonably practicable, every person whose name appeared on the electoral roll supplied to us for the purpose of the ballot:-
a) was sent the details of the ballot and
b) if they chose to participate in the ballot, had their vote fairly and accurately recorded
All voting material will be stored for twelve months.

Number of eligible voters: 1,357
Total number of votes cast: 832
Turnout: 61.31%
Number of votes found to be invalid: 1
Total number of valid votes to be counted: 831


IN FAVOUR – 723 – 87.00%
AGAINST – 108 – 13.00%