VIRGIN MEDIA O2 – Members vote in favour of acceptance – Pay 2022/2023 & Cost of Living Allowance.

5th October 2022 – We are pleased to announce that CWU members have voted by 85.7% in favour to accept the offer detailed below. The company has been advised of the results of the consultative ballot and arrangements are now in place to process the agreed payments.
In line with the agreement, we will progress discussions for the 2023 pay review accordingly.

Further to the consultative ballot carried out in April which saw an overwhelming rejection of the imposed 3% pay offer for 2022 and 2% determined for 2023 and Members Bulletin104/2022 dated 10th August detailing a joint statement committing to further discussions.
Comprehensive discussions have taken place with VMO2, centered around the extreme challenges our members are facing with regard to the cost of living crisis.
We are pleased that VMO2 have responded positively towards the representations made by the CWU on behalf of our members and took on board our concerns regarding the real financial challenges our members are facing.
As a consequence of the extensive discussions the following offer has been agreed with VMO2 which the National Team are recommending acceptance of.

A cost of living allowance of £1400 to be paid to all employees whose current full time equivalent base salary is £35,000 or less. This is in addition to the 3% which was paid in April.
VMO2 have agreed that the allowance will not be pro-rated hence part time employees will receive full payment providing their base full time equivalent salary is £35,000 or less. The National Team note this as a positive and beneficial outcome for our part time members.

The allowance is not pensionable and will not be taken into account for bonus or any other calculations.
The phased payments of the £1400 will be made via normal monthly payroll and subject to tax and NI deductions. The CWU negotiating team have been extremely mindful to the effects the cost of living crisis is having, particularly upon our lowest paid members.

The £1400 Cost of Living Allowance will result in 93.5% of employees within the CWU bargaining unit receiving the payment and over 50% of the total of VMO2 employees.

  • The combined 3% paid in April and the £1400 allowance results in overall payments ranging between 7.7% and 10.1%
  • Retail & Stores members who received a 10% increase in January 2022 will see payments of 16.8% for 2022.

2023 Pay Review
As part of our discussions, the CWU negotiating team have represented the need for the planned 2023 pay award of 2% to be reviewed, given the current and ongoing predictions regarding inflation and spiraling cost of living costs. We are pleased to advise that VMO2 have committed to further pay discussions at the appropriate time and have confirmed that the imposed 2% will be a minimum.

Consultative Ballot
The CWU National Team believe that this offer is the very best which can be achieved and will be recommending acceptance via a consultative ballot to members.
The ballot will run for a 2-week period as follows:
Ballot open Wednesday 21st September. Ballot close Wednesday 5th October
Members will be invited to an all members Zoom meeting where the National Team will discuss the offer and take questions. Joining details will be made available.

When you receive your ballot paper your National Team recommend you vote YES.

The CWU National Team would like to thank all members for their patience and support throughout the discussions. Your collective strength and unity is respected.