Prepare for the Biggest ‘YES’ Vote for Industrial Action over BT Pay. Watch Here, on YouTube.

Wednesday 15th June – 08:00pm – The BIGGEST Union Meeting ever – on all the CWU social media channels –

Milton Keynes Engineers to vote – YES

Following a few questions about the format of the vote, how to vote etc, we have produced this really simple graphic video.



Ballot opens
15th June,
closes 30th June

Why it is important for every member to vote and to vote YES ?

If we let the company get away with imposition without consultation this year, in the future what will they impose? This is as much about the future of pay as it is about the present.

Barring movement from a senior management team which has so far shown itself impervious to a tidal wave of employee fury over the imposition of a real-term pay cut, voting papers will be despatched to  40,000 members in BT, Openreach and EE on Wednesday June 15.

Check out these links to last night’s session to Openreach members.