Virtual Special General Conference 2021

Sunday 7th–Tuesday 9th November 2021

LTB 304/21 dated 23rd July 2021 gave details of General Conference 2022. That LTB also stated that the NEC were aware that there are a number of policy areas around which we need debate and decisions made sooner than a conference in 2022 would allow for.

With that in mind a decision has been taken to hold a Virtual Special General Conference in relation to the following areas of policy –

  • General Policy
  • Recruitment & Organising
  • Building Collectivism/New Deal for Workers
  • Politics/Relationship with Labour
  • CWU Anti-Racism Strategy

The General Conference Standing Orders Committee has now started working on the business of holding this virtual conference.
If members wish to have motions considered for submittion to this conference please get in touch with the branch. Please note that only Motions that seek to create policy on the headings above will be accepted.


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