Membership Records Check – Important

With Compulsory Redundancies going ahead in Enterprise, Technology and in Openreach with desk based staff, there is a large possibility of Industrial Action looming within all lines of BT business.
To enable any action to be lawful, it is important that we have your up to date information with regard to postal address, personal email address, personal mobile telephone number and correct work location.

If you are a BT employee, then one of our officers should have contacted you over the last few weeks, to confirm your personal details. If you haven’t been contacted, or you have recently changed any of your contact details, then please contact one of our branch officers.

❗ To ensure that you are receiving the relevant updates – our members are urged to inform the CWU of any changes to their membership details – including changes of address or personal email accounts.
This applies to all members which ever company you work for.

There are four different ways to update your membership details:

  • Log into the members’ only section of the CWU website using the username and password you have previously been sent, and change your own details.
  • Use the form here to let us know of your new details
  • Contact one of our branch officers to provide them with your new details.
  • Email your new details to who will make the changes necessary. Please provide your membership number.

Please Note – All information is used just by the CWU and never given/sold to any other organisation/company.


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