Double-decker shame for ‘beyond belief’ BT as CWU goes on the buses

BT’s betrayal of key workers who’ve kept the country connected through the pandemic, only to be  ‘rewarded’ with compulsory redundancy notices, is being broadcast loud and clear throughout the capital thanks to stark CWU messaging  on London’s iconic buses.

Deliberately echoing  the company’s ‘Beyond Limits’ marketing  slogan,  the CWU’s publicity campaign highlights a home truth that top bosses in BT Centre will hopefully find hard to ignore. After all, between now and the end of February, ‘Beyond Belief’ branded buses will pass right under their noses every few minutes!

The message is stark but simple: “BT workers who kept us connected during the pandemic are now being made compulsory redundant. Will you support our key workers?”

Emblazoned on no fewer than 60 double-deckers that constantly criss-cross the metropolis, the public awareness campaign is focused on all the routes emanating from Transport for London’s Bow Garage. That’s because, as well as serving the city centre, those routes extend right to the outer suburbs

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