BT Personnel – Expression of Wish for Core Life Assurance (LTB 60/2020)

BT PERSONNEL – Expression of Wish for Core Life Assurance

BT has recently sent communications to employees regarding the Expression of Wish for Core Life Assurance.  The company has asked if the CWU can assist in highlighting the need to make an expression of wish.  Reproduced below is the briefing and I would be grateful if Branches could bring this to the attention of their members.

“Nominate or review your beneficiaries for your Core Life Assurance

A key benefit provided to you by BT, EE or Openreach is our Core Life Assurance. It helps you protect your loved ones by providing them with a lump sum if something happens to you.

If you’ve not done it, you should complete an Expression of Wish, it only takes a minute to do. All you need to do is log into ‘Your Rewards’ from your PC, navigate to ‘Explore your benefits’, ‘Shop for benefits’, scroll down to ‘Expression of Wish’ and complete the small amount of information required.

Even if you’ve done it, you should review and refresh your nominations so we know it’s up to date.

It’s good practice to do this every year and if there are major changes in your life – for example, if your marital status changes.

Important note for BT and Openreach colleagues: this is different from the Expression of Wish you might have completed for your pension”.