BT Pay Bulletin No.2

CWU STILL PUSHING FOR AN ‘INFLATION-PLUS’ AWARD The CWU negotiating team, led by Andy Kerr, Deputy General Secretary, has met with BT on several occasions to discuss this year’s pay award which is due in January’s wages.

Whilst BT has provided an offer, this has been wholeheartedly rejected by the negotiating team as below our expectations.

The CWU has pursued an inflation-plus rise which is affordable and justified given BT’s current performance and the contribution made by CWU members to BT’s success in a highly competitive environment. We have also stressed that:

 the offer should use RPI (currently 2.5%) and not CPI (currently 1.6%) which is an indicator more focused on the rising costs faced by employees

 Investment for the future should also mean investing in CWU members who are on the front line of delivering service for BT and fundamental to business success

 BT is performing well and indications are the company is benefitting from its investment in broadband and pay TV content with good take-up as well as its recent investment in EE.

 BT’s strong cash position and increased profits, generated largely through the hard work of CWU represented grades, means an inflation-plus award for Team Members is fully justified.

Negotiations this year, continue to be difficult due to the impending outcome of the Digital Communications Review and the future of our Openreach members, as well as the outcome of the Brexit negotiations, both of which may impact on revenues. Negotiations are also tough due to the continued concern from the company of the growing pension deficit.

BT intends to write to the CWU with the pay offer on a formal basis. In the meantime the CWU will be holding a forum of our CWU Branches and representatives on 31st January to discuss the offer. Should you have any comments you wish to make on pay, forward them to your branch representatives prior to this event. Alternatively send us your views and questions to