To All Our Members in Telecommunications.

27th April 2020 – Updated Covid-19 Response from Postal Administrations and Trade Unions around the World

See Here for the latest comprehensive update from UNI Postal and Logistics outlining the measures that are being taken in other countries by Postal Administrations and Trade Unions concerning the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

This documentation contains information regarding the impact on operations, changes in the provision of the universal service, traffic levels, disruptions to international postal services and other operational issues.  It also lists the measures taken by Government, National Regulatory Authorities and Universal Service Providers in relation to the challenges that the Covid-19 crisis has highlighted.

Branches will see that this latest information is far more comprehensive than any previously published both in terms of the countries listed and the measures that each has taken.  The data is therefore presented in a different format but will still be amended at regular intervals going forward and then circulated as soon as possible.

24th March 2020 – Ofcom information on the coronavirus (Covid-19)

Over the past few weeks the industries Ofcom regulate have been coming together to support the British public and the economy, and to keep the nation connected. Telecoms providers are working to ensure resilience across landline, broadband and mobile services as the demands on networks increase, as well as prioritising access to safety-of-life communications systems. Some telecoms providers have also taken specific steps to support their customers, such as providing unlimited calls or increased data allowances. Broadcasters have been adapting their schedules to maintain high-quality content to entertain and inform the public, and to ensure accurate and high-quality news. Postal providers are working hard to ensure continued delivery, particular to vulnerable customers.
Ofcom has issued information with regard to the this and it can be viewed Here.