UK LGBT+ History Month is Every February.


LGBT History Month is a month-long, annual, celebration and remembrance of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender history. It looks at the history of gay rights, which is also related to the civil rights movements. The main and overall aims of the month are to promote two things: equality and diversity. 

In the UK, LGBT History Month has been an annual event since 2005. Every year there is a theme and a well-publicised launch event at a high profile location to try and get the message out to lots of people. Since 2011, LGBT History Month has been linked to a different school subject each year — in 2021 the theme ‘Body, Mind, Spirit’ links it to PSHE.

LGBT History Month was started in the USA in 1994 as a result of Black History Month. It was started by a high school teacher named Rodney Wilson. While teaching about the Nazis, Wilson revealed to his class that he was gay and told them that this was something he could have been killed for.

LGBT+ History Month : Understanding, Identity & Awareness / IDAHOBIT Eastern Region Courses.

As part of the CWU’s preparations for LGBT+ History Month which runs throughout February, the CWU Eastern Region has organised a special webinar which is open for the whole of the CWU to enjoy. This is taking place on Thursday 18th February at 6.30pm live on the Eastern Region Facebook page.

The aim of the event will be to shine a light on the different identities within the LGBT+ spectrum and the region has a number of its own activists who will feature sharing their own experiences as members of the LGBT+ community.

Any queries in relation to the webinar  should be sent to Paul Moffatt, Regional Secretary
All registration applications should be sent to Maxiene Cartwright

In addition to the above as part of the LGBT+ History Month we can confirm that the department has organised an IDAHOBIT  (International Day Against Homophobia Bi & Transphobia) course that will be held on 23-24 February 2021. This is an excellent course and is open to all CWU members and representatives.

Anyone wishing to register for the course should in the first instance contact their Branch Secretary and email

How does LGBT History Month promote Equality and Diversity? 

In order to promote equality and diversity in the UK, LGBT History Month raises awareness and educates the wider population all over the world about matters that affect the LGBT+ community. They work towards improving institutions and educational facilities so that all are safe places for LGBT+ people. 

More Info can be found at the links below –

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Finally, LGBT History Month promotes the welfare of the community, that all who belong to the community contribute to society, lead fulfilled lives and benefit themselves and others.