Black History Month – October 2020

The CWU is commemorating Black History Month and remembering the contribution of Black men and women and more recently other ethnic BAME groups.  A mobile black history exhibition has been put together with various pull-ups illustrating figures such as Mary Seacole, Paul Robeson, Olaudah Equiano and Toussaint L’Ouverture. It has graced many high profile events and been to many CWU workplaces but due to Covid19 it has not been able to be sent out to CWU Branches this year. When we come out of the pandemic we would encourage CWU Branches to use this very educational resource, which is free to use.

The CWU has always maintained that Black History Month should not be pigeon-holed into a few days of the month and we are strong advocates of year long black history awareness – more so in this hostile environment than ever before.

Kate Hudson – Head of Equality, Education and Development for the CWU adds “The richness of black history and the contribution and achievements of black men and women as we look back in history should always be acknowledged and this Union has an excellent record of demonstrating this over many years. I want to see more and more black reps coming forward, particularly black women engaging in our union structures, as you are all a fundamental part of this great union and we want to see more role models coming to the fore. Awareness around Black History is vital and I am delighted to confirm that an innovative programme of events will be run again over the coming weeks.”

As part of this year’s Black History Month celebrations we have put together, in conjunction with our National BAME NEC representative Ali Moosa, a series of events that commence with a panel session with CWU BAME activists that will be looking at how the role of Commonwealth countries has in many cases been airbrushed out of the history books when we talk about WWI and WWII. The Black History Month events programme list and dates are as follows:

Wednesday 21st October 2020 at 6.30pm : Panel Session on Role of the Commonwealth during WWI & WWII (further details including registration will be circulated soon).

Wednesday 28th October 2020 – Launch of ‘My Journey’ video. This will be a series of short videos merged into a short film that will highlight the often difficult journeys that member’s families have had in coming to the UK decades ago.

Film Night. We will be communicating the details of the film night nearer the time but essentially we will announce a film/documentary and ask people to watch it. During the viewing an online discussion will commence using various platforms (Facebook, Twitter etc) with a dedicated hashtag inviting members to comment and discuss the programme as it runs.

  • Any enquiries in relation to the Black History Month events should be directed to the Equality, Education and Development department in the first instance and we can be reached via email on equality&

The Black History Month website has more news, views and opinions and information of many more events.