Labour’s New Deal for Working People.

“The Conservatives are failing working people: incomes and living standards are falling as bills skyrocket amidst a cost-of-living crisis. Now, they’ve also crashed the economy leaving working people with higher prices and mortgage rates, longer hours and weaker working rights.  

Our present, and former Branch Secretaries, Richard Abbiss and Steve Phillips with Paul Moffat, Eastern Regional Secretary, meeting with MP’s Rachel Hopkins, Sarah Owen and Mohammad Yasin.

“Our country needs a Government that is on our side and, with Labour’s New Deal for Working People, we would make work more secure, better-paid and more family friendly, as well as strengthening individual and collective rights at work and ending unscrupulous practices like fire and rehire and banning zero hour contracts.  

Today, the Trades Union Congress (TUC) lead a campaign lobbying MPs in Westminster as part of their #DemandBetter campaign. As part of this mass lobby, I met with Luton South constituents representing the National Education Union (NEU) and, along with Sarah Owen MP and Mohammad Yasin MP, a delegation of Communication Workers’ Union (CWU) representatives from the Eastern region, including Paul Moffat, Regional Secretary. 

 Labour’s New Deal for Working People would address the TUC’s main campaign aims with a commitment to ensure that the minimum wage is fair and enforced properly, the recruitment and retention crisis in our public services is addressed with fair pay offers and an end to precarious work practises such as fire and rehire and zero hours contracts with no minimum hours. We unequivocally support workers’ right to strike and defend jobs and pay and would strengthen the Trade Union Act as well as developing our own Race Equality Act to tackle structural inequalities in the workplace and address gender inequalities by protecting maternity rights in the workplace. In the wake of the economic crisis made in Downing Street, the Tories have been considering targeting the most vulnerable people to pay for their mess through benefit and real term pension cuts. This is appalling and the country deserves so much better which is why we support calls for a General Election now. 

The British public deserves more than the revolving door of chaos that this Government has given us. A General Election is needed to give the country an opportunity to vote for policies like these for empowered individual and collective rights at work and a high-growth, high-wage economy for all.“
© Labour’s New Deal for Working People – Rachel Hopkins MP

The TUC #DemandBetter campaign objectives are –
We Demand Better – Autumn of Action. Working people have had enough. Everything’s going up but our wages.

Our objectives.

It’s time for a new deal for working people. We need a real pay rise for every worker, starting with a £15 minimum wage as soon as possible, and more help with bills. It’s time to protect the right to strike, ban zero hours and end fire and rehire.
Only working people can deliver this change – so this Autumn, we’re taking action.

The government has failed to deal with the cost-of-living emergency. They sat back while living standards plummeted. And now they prioritise tax cuts for the rich, attacking trade unions and cutting rights at work. From day one, a Labour Government will strengthen workers’ rights and make Britain work for working people. 
Last year, Labour was proud to announce our New Deal For Working People that we developed in partnership with trade unions, setting out how Labour in power will ensure work is more secure, better paid and workers have stronger individual and collective rights. Today, Labour is proud to share our new website for our New Deal. We are ambitious for our country’s future and this is how we will create a fairer and stronger economy for all workers.

A New Deal for Working People

The Tories have failed our country, but Labour’s approach will offer people real help right now and a vision for the future of work where working people are supported to prosper.

Key to achieving this will be undoing the Government’s reckless restrictions on trade union activity. We will update trade union legislation to remove restrictions on trade union activity and strengthen trade union rights of entry to workplaces, and we will also oppose and repeal any attempts by this Government to threaten the right to strike.
Our New Deal for Working People isn’t just the right thing for workers – it’s the right thing for businesses who play by the rules and try to do the right thing and grow our economy, by helping to create stable and secure jobs and boosting people’s incomes.

As part of our plan, Labour will strengthen rights at work from day one on the job, end fire and rehire and ban zero-hour contracts.
We will make work more family-friendly so it can be more easily balanced with home, community and family life. And through the rollout of fair pay agreements, we will empower workers and the trade unions that represent them to negotiate with employers to agree minimum standards across industries on issues such pay and conditions, starting in the social care sector. 

The Labour Party has a long and proud history of being the Party not just of working people but for working people, and for working with trade unions to improve conditions at work. 

I know that together we’ll build a Britain that works for working people. 

In unity, 


Rt Hon Angela Rayner MP