VMO2 – Pay and Union Recognition Update – Zoom Call.

Members will be aware that following the imposition of the pay offer this year the CWU conducted a consultative ballot which overwhelmingly supported rejection of the pay offer. Furthermore, a motion was carried supporting a statutory ballot if progress could not be made in terms of the offer.  

We wrote to Virgin Media O2 following conference, seeking for discussions to commence against the continuing inflation rate increases. We are pleased to advise that discussions are commencing in the next couple of weeks and those members have been informed.  A joint statement has been released as below.

“Working Together

We are really pleased to have met recently and had a constructive conversation to ensure CWU members’ views continue to be heard. We are all conscious of the difficulties and pressures that the rising cost of living is causing for many.
The result of the CWU consultative ballot and surveys of CWU members are fully recognised and we agreed the 2022/2023 pay increases caused significant concern for CWU members. It’s also recognised that Virgin Media O2 is seeking to balance investment and uncertain costs for the long term, building a sustainable business for today and the future.
VMO2 and CWU are committed to working together in partnership and continuing the conversation. We will be meeting again soon to find the right outcome. We will continue to keep you updated.”

Tracey Fussey  National Officer CWU 
Philipp Wohland Chief People & Transformation Officer, Virgin Media O2

As you will be aware, whilst you do not sit in the bargaining unit where we have recognition with VMO2 for ex Telefonica O2 members and negotiate pay, high levels of membership exist and we are keen to ensure you are updated.  There is no guarantee in terms of the outcome of the discussions but we will communicate any progress. We realise this is an unusual situation.

Also, an update for our engineering colleagues who have approached us about the company’s proposed changes to shift patterns and extended shift end times. We are continuing to discuss the changes with VMO2 management and see if there is any flexibility in the current proposals, we understand that VMO2 have currently refrained from introduction of the new shift patterns until further consultation has taken place. Please feel free to make contact on this issue if required.

Finally, a number of members have asked us what union recognition and collective bargaining is? And what the process is for achieving it?

With this in mind we would like to invite all our members in VMO2 (ex-Virgin Media) to listen to one of two Zoom presentations that we will be running Thursday 28th, July, one at 4pm till 5pm the other at 7pm till 8pm.
On this call we will explain what trade union recognition and collective bargaining are and their benefits for members. To attend one of the sessions please follow the appropriate link below.

Zoom link Thursday 28th July 4pm https://us06web.zoom.us/j/84077576199?pwd=SS9JOE1CbW1YWGtkcUtUNzJ4NTNpUT09

Zoom link Thursday 28th July 7pm – https://us06web.zoom.us/j/81577710824?pwd=SlIrQWJ5Q3ZFU081WFdiSmhnVUcrdz09

It would be great if you could join us.