Election of CWU NEC, Industrial Executives & CWU Assistant Secretaries – 2021 – Update.

9th June 2021 – Our Branch Nominations, that will be submitted tomorrow.

TFSE Chair   –   Karen Rose
TFSE Vice-Chair   –  James Samuels
TFSE NEC Members   –   Nick Darbyshire, Andy Mercer, Dave Tee, Kate Walsh, Ken Woolley, Sara Miah.
NEC Young Worker   –   Erin Brett
NEC LGBT+   –   Jason Reynolds
TFSE Members –   Tracy Buckley, Fiona Curtis, Pete Francis, Dave Stuart
TFSE Capita   –   Catherine Rhodes
TFSE Telefonica   –   Zoe Walmsley
CWU Assistant Secretary (TFS1)  –   Davie Bowman
CWU Assistant Secretary (TFS2)  –   Stephen Albon
CWU Assistant Secretary (TFS3)   –   Tracey Fussey

The NEC has now approved the regulations for the elections of –

  • CWU National Executive Council
  • CWU Industrial Executives
  • CWU Assistant Secretary TFS 1
  • CWU Assistant Secretary TFS 2
  • CWU Assistant Secretary TFS 3
  • CWU Assistant Secretary Postal (Technical Services/HR Procedures)

– which can be found in LTB 195/21, below, for your information. 

In addition to the regulations, due to the revised size composition of the NEC, supplementary documents containing the election arrangements and guidance have also been produced to assist branches and candidates in the forthcoming elections, below.

The timetable for all of the above elections, as previously notified in LTB 034/21 is as follows:

Election Timetable:

Nominations Open:              20 May 2021
Nominations Close:              10 June 2021 (14:00)
Accept Nomination:             14 June 2021 (14:00)

(TFSE NEC/IE positions only)

Despatch ballot material:   6 July 2021 
Close of ballot:                       3 August 2021 (first post)
Result:                                      5 August 2021


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