Rules Revision Conference 2021

UPDATE – Propositions 1 and 11 were passed, the rest were not carried.

The agenda pad for the Special Rules Revision Conference taking place on Saturday 24th April 2021 has now been published on the national website and can be accessed via the following link:

BRANCH MANDATE MEETING – A meeting for all CCTV Branch members will be held on Thursday 15th April at 6pm. If you wish to attend please email to get an invite link.

The Union is making arrangements to hold a virtual conference dealing specifically with Rules.   The NEC have agreed to make further changes to the structure of the NEC to address the issue of proportionality and as such need to make changes to the CWU Rule Book which needs to be agreed by a conference.

It has been agreed that the Rules Revision Conference will take place on Saturday 24th April 2021.  Details of the timetable along with entitlement of such rule change amendments will be published shortly.  We will also be publishing details regarding the registration process.

Observers will be able to watch the conference live on the day and further details of this will be published at a future date.

If any member wish to submit new rules or amendments to existing national rules, then these can be sent to our Branch Sectretary, contact details are here. These changes need then to be agreed at a special branch meeting, before being submitted to the conference.