Rivus Workshops – COVID Alert – Visitors must wear face coverings.

Cases of COVID-19 have been reported in the RIVUS garage in Luton.

The garage continues to operate for running repairs whilst clearing the work in progress. Booked work in the main has been deferred until the staff return. Comms have been sent out centrally. There are processes in place, at all RIVUS workshops, to clean vehicles prior to entry and exit when work is completed, to mitigate the risk. The garage has been deep cleaned on all the touch points and the cleaner is also doing this daily.

But it has been pointed out that approximately 40% of the customers entering the garage or reception areas are still not wearing face coverings, the majority of which are Openreach, so the message of social distancing and the wearing of masks is not getting across.

It is mandatory for visitors to wear face coverings when visiting any RIVUS garage and to follow social distancing and any locally implimented distancing rules.