Campaign to save the Union Learning Fund (ULF) – Sign the Petition

We would like to thank Branches who have raised their concerns about the announcement of the Government’s planned cessation of the ULF across all trade unions including the CWU.

Members can sign the online petition. The petition can be found here:

We are working closely with our Communications, Media & Campaigns Dept., TUC and sister trade unions to kick-start a campaign highlighting the recklessness of such a measure with a view to reversing the decision. 

The following steps are planned in the short term to argue against the cuts which will have a very real and negative impact on the world of work and the wider economy:

  • The TUC has issued an initial two documents which outline the benefits of union learning which is backed up with facts and figures (attached)
  • Employers who benefit from an upskilled and confident workforce are being approached to sign supporting joint letters to Gavin Williamson (Secretary of State for Education). We are in the process of seeking support from our employers
  • A petition has been launched seeking to reverse the government’s plans to cut the ULF which will mean hundreds of thousands of workers missing out on skills development and training

We ask, that as a first step, Branches bring this LTB and the associated TUC Briefing documents to the attention of our members and also push out the petition through all of your networks.  The petition can be found here: