Your Union Needs You

Thank you for being a CWU member.
You have a choice and we appreciate your ongoing support. However you will be acutely aware that BT is looking to make rapid change that will be to the detriment of many of us. This change includes office closures, threats of compulsory redundancy and re grading to poorer terms and conditions. We will do our utmost to resist these changes but we can only do so with your ongoing support. Virtual meetings are being arranged over the coming weeks to discuss how we best do this and you will receive invitations in due course. In the meantime we would appeal to you to have conversations with your colleagues and if they are not members please encourage them to contact us.

To succeed we will need the support of all BT employees and your help in persuading your colleagues to join us.

“We don’t get what we deserve – we get what we negotiate. But only if we negotiate from a position of strength.”

Non members can join online at the following link