EE – Welcome Progress on Homeworking

20th April 2020 – Welcome Progress on Homeworking Since the outbreak of Covid 19 the CWU has been pressing EE to introduce widespread homeworking for customer facing staff. We welcome the fact that... Read more »

O2 Shop Closures – Staff Information

Telefonica / o2 – Coronavirus Following the decision on Monday 23rd March, by the Business to close all company stores and the information that followed from the government, we would like to... Read more »

PPE and Social Distancing – CWU Online Support – All Members

PPE Equipment in vans Rivus have reported that some vehicles (may not actually be any of ours) are being dropped off for either a service/MOT/accident damage etc, and the driver has left... Read more »

Labour Party Elections Ballot 2020 – Results

Labour Party Elections Ballot 2020 – Results – 4th April 2020 Labour Leader ResultNANDY, Lisa – 79,597 votes (16.2%)STARMER, Keir – 275,780 Votes (56.2%) Labour Deputy Leader ResultALLIN-KHAN, Rosena – 113,858 votes... Read more »

BT Enterprise Compulsory Redundancies

Enterprise Members Bulletin – Compulsory redundancies in the time of coronavirus… The CWU has expressed its shock and disbelief at BT Enterprise’s refusal to lift the threat of compulsory redundancies at a... Read more »

Branch AGM 2020 – Cancelled.

Please see below – LTB 128/20 explaining rational for cancellation of AGM. LTB 128/20 – COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS) – CANCELLATION AND POSTPONEMENT OF CWU EVENTS LTB 121/20 sent out on Friday 13th March... Read more »

BT Technology – Better Workplace – Location Strategy

As part of the Better Workplace Programme, BT Technology have made an announcement today (12th March 2020) on their future location strategy which will be phased in over the next 4 years.... Read more »

BT Personnel – Free sanitary products for female workers whilst attending work.

LTB 106/20 – BT Personnel – Motion 72, Annual Conference 2019 The Union’s Personnel Team has been pursuing with the company the terms of Motion 72 carried at Annual Conference 2019:“This conference... Read more »


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