CWU Conference 2020 – Cancelled.

See below excerpt from LTB 128/20 – COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS) – CANCELLATION AND POSTPONEMENT OF CWU EVENTS, with regard to the cancellation of this years Conference.

“Amongst the issues the NEC Emergency Committee had to consider for example, was if we went ahead with General Conference we are looking at approximately 1,000 people coming together to work in close proximity to each other. Precisely the type of environment we are told heightens the risk of spreading the virus.
Accordingly the EC has agreed with immediate effect to postpone and/or cancel the following specific and general events within the CWU.

  • CWU Annual (General and Industrial) conference 2020.
  • NEC and Industrial Executive meetings and associated subcommittee and industrial business meetings.
  • All CWU schools/training and CWU organised events.
  • Branch Annual General meetings/Membership meetings.
  • All Regional meetings.
  • Implement an avoidance of all non-essential travel policy within the CWU.

As highlighted in LTB 121/20 we are continuing to work thorough the steps we will need to ensure that the CWU continues to operate during this difficult time.”