LTB – Seven Health Checks For Men

1. BOWEL CANCER WHY? The third most prevalent cancer in men, with more than18,000 new cases each year. SYMPTOMS: Blood or mucous in your stools, changes in bowel habits (diarrhoea, constipation or... Read more »

BT Pay Bulletin No.3

CWU reject BT formal offer in pay talks  The CWU negotiating team led by Andy Kerr, Deputy General Secretary (T&FS) has held a series of meetings to discuss the 2017 NewGRID grades... Read more »

LTB / Drivers Using Mobile Phones will Receive Six Penalty Points and a £200 Fine

Drivers Using Mobile Phones while Driving will Receive Six Penalty Points and a £200 Fine from March 1 As Penalties Double in Government Road Safety Clamp Down & Police Launch National Campaign Dear... Read more »

BT Quarter Three Results – Impact for Members

Dear Members, As a CWU member working for BT, you will no doubt be aware of the accounting fiasco in BT Italia reported in the press this week, alongside the challenges in... Read more »


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